GTA 6 Map Size Comparison: How Big Will the Next Game Be?

If you’ve followed Rockstar’s previous game launches, you’re probably eagerly anticipating the GTA 6 map to be vast, visually striking, packed with life, and offering ample opportunities for exploration. The most typical queries often revolve around the GTA 6 map and its location.

The primary setting for GTA 6 is a contemporary interpretation of Vice City, a fictionalized representation of Miami. Grand Theft Auto VI unfolds in Leonida, Florida, encapsulating not only the vibrant streets of Vice City but extending beyond.

This page is your comprehensive guide to everything related to the GTA 6 map and its locales. Various map renditions derived from the initial official trailer and leaked footage are included, providing you with a thorough understanding of what to expect.

Where is GTA 6 set?

GTA 6 is set against the backdrop of Vice City, a location previously showcased in GTA: Vice City. Nestled next to Miami, it exudes a lively ambiance characterized by neon lights, vibrant nightclubs, and a diverse array of questionable characters. The trailer reveals that the distinctive aesthetic remains intact, now adorned with an additional layer of grit—introducing biker gangs, swampy outskirts, and expansive muddy terrains.

The preview showcases bustling beaches in Vice City, teeming with scantily-clad beachgoers and enthusiastic joggers monitoring their pace for a personal best. This portrayal stands out as notably more crowded than any other setting witnessed in previous Grand Theft Auto games, establishing a unique characteristic shared across the various areas in the ga

We also glimpse Vice City’s main strip, a potential focal point in GTA 6. The bustling thoroughfare is densely populated with cars, drunk pedestrians, vibrant lights, and music. Navigating the streets at high speeds may pose a challenge, but as we’ve come to expect with GTA, it’s possible.

Interestingly, the trailer unveils locations beyond Vice City, specifically rural areas and expansive highways cutting through the countryside. Though seemingly sparse, these open spaces exhibit a natural and beautiful color palette distinct from the flashy, neon-lit streets of Vice City.

A brief snapshot introduces GTA 6’s rendition of the Everglades – submerged grasslands teeming with wildlife, typically accessible only by airboat. Fortunately, the scene features one of these crafts, introducing yet another new vehicle to complement the array of GTA 6 cars seen thus far.

GTA 6 map explained: What is the GTA 6 map based on?

The GTA 6 map features Vice City as the central city and the broader state of Leonida.

This confirmation was provided in “Trailer 1,” which you can view just above (assuming you haven’t already watched it multiple times). It was also reiterated in a press release from Rockstar: “Grand Theft Auto VI heads to the state of Leonida, home to the neon-soaked streets of Vice City.”

Leonida is Rockstar Games’ interpretation of Florida, the real-life location of Miami. For those unfamiliar, Florida often becomes the subject of memes characterizing it as a bit more “unhinged,” with the peculiar behavior of its residents earning them the notorious label of “Florida Man.”

A screenshot from the trailer shows that Rockstar embraces this stereotype, showcasing a social media account named “PlanetLeonidaMan” within the game, sharing content like a man in his underwear being pursued by the police. Another representation of “Leonida Man” is seen tending to his garden in nothing but a rather revealing pair of shorts – undoubtedly suitable for the state’s tropical and humid subtropical climates.

The GTA Fandom page sheds light on the origin of the name “Leonida,” which is derived from Juan Ponce de León, a Spanish conquistador associated with the first European expeditions to Florida.

Hyundai Motorsport perfectly recreates the GTA 6 trailer.

Titled “Grand Test Auto XXIV, Hyundai Motorsport unveiled their rendition of the GTA 6 trailer on their X page. The 1-minute and 28-second video kickstarts with a logo resembling that of GTA 6, coupled with shot compositions reminiscent of the original trailer.

The video cleverly incorporates the authentic audio from the GTA 6 map trailer featuring Tom Petty’s Love is a Long Road. It showcases Hyundai Cars engaged in rally racing and WRC clips, executing impressive tricks around rally tracks. Additionally, the racers expertly replicate iconic poses and dialogues from the original trailer, much to the delight of fans who found the homage entertaining and adrenaline-pumping.

One enthusiast praised the video, stating,Kudos for the faithful recreation of scenes from the actual GTA trailer throughout the entire video; they’re perfectly executed. Another chimed in, declaring, Hyundai just nailed it.

A third user humorously remarked, “Formula 1 wishes they were this cool.” Meanwhile, a fourth fan expressed appreciation, stating, “That’s brilliant! This is precisely what WRC needs to captivate the interest of young people who could potentially become new rally fans. It’s the kind of promotion that this sport truly deserves. Well done.

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