Why Is A Cremation Urn Important?

Everything we love and cherish about a loved one who has passed is gathered in a cremation urn in the form of their final remains.

It becomes a constant reminder of what they stood for, their identity still alive though they have moved on.

Symbolic Importance

A connection to your loved one can be shown through the urn you choose. For example, if they enjoyed nature, you may want to select an urn made of natural materials like wood, clay, or plant fibers.

If they valued simplicity, you may want to choose a simple design. If they had a particular faith, you may want to include those beliefs in the urn.

Emotional Connection

The urn is a way to say goodbye, without saying goodbye. At the same time, it’s a unique way to get closure.

The urn can hold a loved one’s qualities. And how you care for it shows how you deal with your grief.

Tangible Reminder

The urn can keep your loved one close to your heart because you can carry it wherever you travel and keep them close.

You can place the urn in a special place, look at it, and reflect on your loved one’s life. It can become a tangible way to hold onto their memory.


The urn can be personalized to your loved one’s hobbies, interests, values, etc.

You can choose to incorporate these elements into the design of the urn, or you can use the urn to hold onto these memories.

Symbolic Connection

It can become a symbolic connection to your loved one’s energy and everything they stood for.

This kind of symbolic interaction can help you process the grief as you lighten your heart and speak your mind or feel closure whenever you see or hold the urn.

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