Make Your Buildings Safer with Fire Curtains

Fire safety is an important part of building design and construction, and fire curtains are a new way to reduce the risks that come with smoke and fire spreading.

In this article, we will explain the concept of fire curtains, their mechanism of action, applications, benefits, and the importance of proper installation and maintenance.

What are fire curtains?

Fire curtains are barriers made of fire-resistant fabric that are meant to keep fires inside a building.

Most of the time, they are made of fiberglass fabric that has been coated with a special fire-resistant material and stainless steel wire reinforcement. This is what keeps them safe from fire and high temperatures.

These curtains are installed in concealed housings within the ceiling or walls and remain retracted that way until a fire alarm or smoke detection system activates them.

How do they work?

Fire curtains automatically drop from their housings and form a barrier between the fire and the areas around it when a fire alarm goes off.

The curtains are meant to close tightly against the floor or any other obstacles, dividing the room into sections and keeping the fire in one area.

Along with sprinklers and smoke extraction systems, fire curtains are an important part of a building’s general fire safety plan.

The good part about them is they can descend down at a controlled rate even in cases of power failures thanks to gravity. Some even come with backup batteries to function properly.

For any successful evacuation attempt, the next thing after having an exit plan in place is having enough visibility and breathability to put the plan in motion. So the air has to be without smoke when people make their way to pre-decided regions of safety as taught in drills. Both of these tasks are completed by fire curtains.

Where can they be used?

Fire curtains can be employed in various settings, including:

  • Open-plan offices and commercial spaces
  • Shopping malls and retail centers
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Transportation hubs
  • Atria and lobbies
  • Lift shafts

What are the benefits?

1. Fire curtains stop the spread of fire by dividing large open spaces into smaller areas. There’s enough visibility and no issues with breathable air. This lowers the risk of fire-related injuries and makes it safer to leave the building.

2. Fire curtains do not draw attention to themselves and can be easily included in different building designs. This way, open-plan spaces can still look great while being well protected from fires.

3. Fire curtains can be a cheaper option than traditional fire-rated walls or partitions, especially when changing the design of a building or adding fire safety features to an existing one.

4. Fire curtains are made to follow all the rules and regulations regarding fire safety and building codes, so buildings are safe.

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