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5 Makeup Trends to Insert into Your Routine

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Makeup is great for a lot of reasons, but its biggest benefit is the fact that it helps to cover up blemishes and makes people feel far more confident in their skin. Trying out new makeup styles can add some fun and excitement to your beauty routine. Whether you like to keep things simple or go all out, there are plenty of trends to experiment with. From bright colors to more natural looks, there’s something for everyone. This article will explore five of the latest makeup trends that everyone’s talking about. So, get ready to step up your makeup game and try out some cool new styles.

Powdered brows

Powdered ombre brows are a significant beauty procedure that actually fits incredibly well into any routine since you’ll only have to get this work done once every few years. This trend builds off of the ombre hair look which has become so famous, and applies the same general rule to your eyebrows. It gives your eyebrows a nice transition from light to dark, making them look fuller and more defined. You start with lighter shades near the center and go darker towards the ends. This technique adds depth and dimension to your brows, enhancing your overall look. The great thing about this procedure is that it’ll get you that finely sculpted eyebrow look everyone’s always chasing without needing to put in any extra work after you’ve already had it done.

Graphic eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner is a tool that has been rediscovered in the last few years, with more and more people using sites like Pinterest to show off their designs and the things they’ve been able to achieve. A graphic eyeliner differs from a normal one because you’re able to create more intricate designs easily, almost as if you’re drawing on yourself, incorporating tons of different colors and fresh new designs to make your eyes look like a canvas. Once you feel confident enough in your skills, you’ll be able to create incredible designs like floating eyeliner and negative space designs, which are two of the most difficult designs to get right.

Monochrome makeup

Another important trend in the beauty industry is the practice of monochromatic makeup that more and more people are utilizing in their looks. Typically, you’d pick a different shade of lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush to compliment your overall look, but if you follow this trend, you’d be picking one shade for your entire face. This is great because many people have a particular shade of makeup that they feel suits their face the best, and you can use this shade for all of your looks; if you have an extensive wardrobe, you can even match the color of your clothes to the makeup you have on.

Glossy lips

Most modern makeup looks, especially those that incorporate lipstick, opt for a more classy look by focusing on matte finishes in all of their products, which are understated and feel luxurious. However, glossy lipstick has begun to make a major comeback as people realize all the benefits it has, from making your lips feel more plump and defined to lasting longer and leaving less of an impact on your skin. By going with a glossy look, you’ll be opening the door to a lot of exciting new looks that you can integrate into your routine.

Colored mascara

While makeup, in general, tends to incorporate a lot of colors, one item you wouldn’t expect to find color in is mascara, which is typically left to make the shape of your eye more defined. However, as more people realize how underutilized mascara is, a major beauty trend in the makeup industry has taken the shape of incorporating colored mascara into looks, especially bright, vibrant colors that pop and stand out intentionally from the other shades of makeup you’re already wearing.


The beauty and fashion industry has a lot of trends each year, and these can vary, but the most popular movements throughout the world are the ones that provide real, tangible benefits, whether it’s because the look that the new kind of makeup creates is great or unique, or because it has a functional benefit over similar products. By following makeup trends, you’ll be able to keep your look unique, fresh, and up-to-date, feeling more and more confident the more you get used to it. 

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